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  • 23.2 to C-mount 1.0X Camera Adapter

1.0X Camera Adapter

To couple ToupCam camera to microscope and

Through microscope eyepieces tube

Adjustable (Focusable) or fixed lens inside

Different reduction lenses for different sensor size

Parfocal with different microscope objective lenses

Diffraction limited MTF performance

Aperture totally coupled with your microscope exit pupil

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23.2 or 31.75 to C-mount 0.75 X Camera Adaptors for Microscope and Telescope

ToupTek microscope and telescope adapters have the following characteristic :

The possible maximum size for the image sensor is 18mmX0.75=13.5mm for the 0.75X camera adapter

Item P/N Picture Model Description Bar Code



1.0X fixed microscope adaptor


1>  Fit to 1/1.8" ~ 1" sensor
2> 0.75X magnification
3> Manually focusable
4> Parfocal with the myepiece
5> C-mount to Dia.23.2mm eye tube




1.0X fixed Microscope adaptor


1>  Fit to 1/1.8" ~ 1" sensor
2> 0.75X magnification
3> Fixed focal length
4>C-mount to Dia.23.2mm eye tube



Please specify your camera Order Code in your order, ToupTek engineer will help you to determine the right microscope or telescope camera adaptor for your application;

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