XCAM0720PHB C-mount HDMI  CMOS Camera

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Photos Captured with LCMOS03100KPB

Photos Captured with LCMOS03100KPB
Photos Captured with LCMOS03100KPB Broad Bean Leaf Epidermis W.M. Penicillium W.M. Paramecium W.M. Smooth Muscle Breakaway W.M. Epidermal Cell Onion W.M. Fish Squama Pine Stem C.S. Squamous Epithelial from Human Mouth Scrapings Nylon Fibers W.M. Daphmia W.M. Pine Mature Pollen Grain Housefly Wing W.M. Bird Feather W.M. Spirogyra W.M. Moss Protonema W.M. Pollen Germinate W.M. Housefly Foot W.M. Blood of Frog Smear Cotton Fibre W.M. Suber Cell Sec Letter"e"W.M. Butterfly Squama W.M. Cotton Laaf C.S . Hydra C.S. Hydrilla Leaf Cell W.M.

TPS003025 Slide Package for LCMOS03100KPB Camera to Capture

The TPS003025 slide package is used  as the sample image. Hover your mouse on the image list will display the image title. One can find the LCMOS03100KPB camera has uniform background and high SNR.
No. Slide Name(EN) 切片名(CN)
1 Broad Bean Leaf Epidermis W.M. 蚕豆叶表皮装片
2 Penicillium W.M. 青霉菌
3 Paramecium W.M. 草履虫装片
4 Smooth Muscle Breakaway W.M. 平滑肌分离装片
5 Epidermal Cell Onion W.M. 洋葱表皮装片
6 Fish Squama 鱼鳞
7 Pine Stem C.S. 松茎横切
8 Squamous Epithelial from Human Mouth Scrapings  口腔上皮
9 Nylon Fibers W.M. 尼龙纤维装片
10 Daphmia W.M. 水蚤装片
11 Pine Mature Pollen Grain 松成熟花粉装片
12 Housefly Wing W.M. 家蝇翅膀装片
13 Bird Feather W.M. 鸟羽毛装片
14 Spirogyra W.M. 水绵装片
15 Moss Protonema W.M. 藓原丝体
16 Pollen Germinate W.M. 花粉萌发装片
17 Housefly Foot W.M. 家蝇足装片
18 Blood of Frog Smear 蛙血液
19 Cotton Fibre W.M. 棉花纤维装片
20 Suber Cell Sec 软木切片
21 Letter "e" W.M. 字母E
22 Butterfly Squama W.M. 蝴蝶翅膀装片
23 Cotton Laaf C.S . 棉花叶横切
24 Hydra C.S. 水螅横切
25 Hydrilla Leaf Cell W.M. 滨水草叶细胞装片

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