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TZM0756 Monocular Zoom Objective
  • TZM0756 Monocular Zoom Objective

  • Provide basic zoom objective TZM0756-W100-TV100 with 0.7X~5.6X zoom range
  • Large optical zoom ratio: 8X
  • Larger NA: 0.018-0.092 (When using 1x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Higher resolution: 18.6um-3.65um (When using 1x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Larger field of view: 0.99mm-31.74mm(Object plane)
  • Larger sensor size: 2/3 Inch (When using 1x TV Lens)
  • Working distance: 37.5mm-160mm
  • Parfocal in zoom range
  • Compatible with infinity objectives (both biological and metallographic)
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    TZM0756 Monocular Zoom Objective

    TZM0756 is designed for the applications in the fields of machine vision, industrial inspection and scientific research. TZM0756 is designed with modularized structure with excellent optical performance.(TZM0756 Manual)

    The principle of the TZM0756 Monocular Zoom Objective is shown below, which is based on the bilateral parallel light path.

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    The Principle of the TZM0756 Monocular Zoom Objective

    A complete TZM0756 optical system requires the following 3 main modules: Auxiliary Lens Module, Middle Zoom Module and TV Lens Module.

    The Object with field size FOV (mm) is located on the Auxiliary Lens Module's front focal plane. the Object radiated lights are collimated. These collimated lights then enter into the Middle Zoom Module's Front Fixed Group and exit from the Back Fixed Group with modified Parallel Light angle. These Parallel Lights are then focused onto the Image plane to form the final magnified or reduced Image (FOV'). The Zoom Group and the Compensator Group are shown in Figure 1 with Module Lens style zooming the Object.

    The Auxiliary Lens Module defines the basic magnification of the zoom objective. Any lens with parallel designed structure can be attached to the Middle Zoom Module to achieve the required magnification. The modular structure facilitates the addition of different imaging and lighting accessories in the middle of the system (Parallel Light path) as required.

    The Middle Zoom Module is the basic standard module which constitutes the main body of the zoom objective. The Middle Zoom Module, including Front Fixed Group, Zoom Group, Compensator Group and Back Fixed Group, receives the Parallel Light radiated from the Auxiliary Lens Module to form the newer Parallel Light with magnified or reduced angle in the exit end after the Back Fixed Group.

    The TV Lens Module receives the Parallel Light from the Middle Zoom Module and then focus it to the sensor plane (Image plane) with standard C-Mount threading. User can configure different magnification of TV Lens Module compatible with different sensor size (FOV').

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    Specifications of TZM0756 with different Auxiliary and TV Lens

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